New USTA Officiating Certification Structure

On behalf of the Officials Committee, the USTA Officiating Department is happy to announce the new certification structure for USTA Certified Officials going into effect on October 1, 2018!

The enhanced certification structure gives meaning behind the names of the certification levels and streamlines the process for an Official to progress from community events to professional events. The new certification and transition documents are available below:

We are looking forward to transitioning to the new certification structure!!

Keep an eye out for more exciting news coming your way!

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Annual Membership Meeting

The 2018 Annual Membership Meeting of the Pacific Northwest Tennis Officials Association was held Wednesday, April 4 at 7pm Pacific by teleconference.  President Denise Alexander reviewed progress from the last year, plans for the future and issues that are currently being addressed. In addition, nominations were taken for 3 expiring seats on the Board of Directors and 4 proposed Bylaws amendments were discussed. See the Annual Meeting minutes for complete details.

Ballots for the election of Directors and approval of the Bylaws amendments were distributed by email to all paid-up members on May 8. The results of the election will be announced at the June Board meeting. Thanks to all who participated by voting in the election!

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March Newsletter

Please check out the March Newsletter.  There is information about the Annual Membership Meeting on April 4, 2018 as well as photos from the Officials of the Year awards, Shadow Assignors, upcoming events, ITA uniforms and more.

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New PNW Officials Training Classes – Sign up Now!

Dear PNW Members,

USTA has scheduled two workshops in the PNW Section and the deadlines to register are coming up soon:

Chair Umpire Pacific Northwest Workshop, Club Green Meadows, Vancouver, WA

Roving Umpire Pacific Northwest Workshop, Eastside Tennis Center, Kirkland, WA

To Register for either the Chair or Roving clinic go the the USTA Officiating Learning Center, (where you took your on-line courses). In the dark blue bar on top of the page, click on the ‘IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS’. You will be taken to the page where you can register for the workshops.

There are deadline dates so register soon!

Grace and Tony please get this information to all your new hires please.

If you have any questions please contact me.



We are still finalizing In Person Workshops schedule for this year. Please check back again for available updates. You may always contact the Education Coordinator at the USTA Officiating Department at officiating with questions or if you need additional information. Have a great day!

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USTA On-Line Courses for 2018 Certification

From: Denise Alexander <alexander9688>
Date: Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 11:26 PM

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who haven’t started your on-line recertification courses for 2018 I was asked to double check and report to the membership that:

All courses that you completed in 2016 will not need to be retaken again this year. All courses that show only a percentage complete need to be 100% completed for your 2018 certification according to your “LEARNING PLAN”.

Click on “YOUR PROFILE” then click on “MY LEARNING PLAN”
There you will find the Learning Courses you can complete based on your desired Learning Plan.

Example: Your Learning Plan is to re-certify as a Roving Official for 2018-
Intro to Officiating: (should show) 100% Complete You are not required to retake this course, it’s done.
Roving 1: Screen will show only a percentage of the courses completed. You will need to click on this course Roving Umpire (blue title) and launch the Roving 2 course required.
Required completion for 2018 re-certification for Roving Official certification
Referee 1: Same scenario. Also required completion for 2018 Roving Official recertification.

USTA Chair and Lines courses are new this year. If you are interested in Chair/or Line Officiating or need to re-certify for your 2018 Chair/or Line certification you will need to complete these courses.

For more information, see the Training page and the USTA Learning Center.

Let’s get started,

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September Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Please check out the Newsletter this month. We have some exciting news!

The TOA has been brain storming on ways to recruit new officials in our section. Always, the best way is by word of mouth, and with our limited financial means, the cheapest.

We thought one way to further enhance that conversation with someone who is interested in officiating would be to hand them a simple but sophisticated business card with the PNWTOA contact information printed on it. In addition, the card has a space for your name and contact information in case they have any questions. All of our members will receive these business cards, but to save on costs we will only be able to mail bulk amounts to a TOA board member or designated area official to distribute to you. The cost to mail individually would exceed our financial limits. They have been ordered and will be arriving soon.

Thanks again,

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July Newsletter

Summer Greetings,

I hope everyone is enjoying the great summer weather we are having! I just wish I didn’t have so much yard work! Attached is the July Newsletter with information about USTA Training Workshops, new Officers appointed to the BoD, ITA deadlines and new TOA members.

Denise Alexander,
President, PNWTOA

July Newsletter

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May Newsletter

There is important information regarding Oregon Assigning. Please read through this months newsletter.

This wet weather is killing us! Hope you all are getting some work at the outdoor events. Seattle might be canceling a huge Jr. tournament in Seattle because of rain this weekend.

Denise Alexander

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Annual Meeting, April 6, 7PM PDT

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Pacific Northwest Tennis Officials Association is scheduled for Thursday, April 6 at 7pm Pacific. Please join the meeting using the following info: Call-in number: 1-800-704-1867; Passcode:  142565. If you did not receive the meeting invitation, please contact for more information. The meeting will review progress from the last year, changes to the certification process, and an election for 4 board seats will be held.

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Deadline for Voting Oct. 31, 2016

The deadline for getting your votes in for Official of the Year and Rookie of the Year is Monday Oct. 31.

Happy Halloween!

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