2020 TOA Board Members Election Results/ Nominations for Member Awards

From: PNW Tennis Officials <pnwtennisofficials@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, May 7, 2020 at 1:27 PM
Subject: 2020 TOA Board Election Results/Nominations for Member Awards
To: PNW Tennis Officials <pnwtennisofficials@gmail.com>

TOA Members,

Congratulations go to Camilla George, Siamak Hajarizadeh and Tony Hernandez as new and returning members of the TOA Board of Directors. Their 3 year terms begin July 2020. Our appreciation to candidates, Carl Beardsley, Terry Lack and Robin Okubo for their contributions to this election. We hope to have your nominations submitted again for next year’s election.

This year we had an 84% voter turnout! Thank you all for your participation in this important election. I would also like to acknowledge Scott Pennington and Mitch Roth for their efforts in researching, setting up and testing different voting sites to provide us with this level of privacy and integrity for our election process. Because of the successful voter turnout, the Board will continue using ElectionRunner for our future elections.

Click on the link to see election results,

Nominations for 2019 Perry Hines Official of the Year Award and 2019 Mike Robb Rookie of the Year Award
Please submit the names of your nominations for both Membership Awards with a brief statement about how they inspired you by email to: pnwtennisofficials@gmail.com .
Deadline for nominations will be May 22. Ballots will then be sent out using ElectionRunner and the results will be announced after the June 3 TOA board meeting.

Award Descriptions
–Perry Hines Official of the Year Award – Perry Hines lived in Portland Oregon until 2013. He officiated at the Sectional and Professional level for many years. Perry was admired by all his colleagues nationwide for his professionalism as an Official and a leader in the PNW Section. He was dedicated to recruiting, training and mentoring many officials in our small Section. Past recipients of this award have also shown the same dedication and service in our section.
–Mike Robb Rookie of the Year Award – Mike Robb lived in the Seattle area until 2005. Mike was respected as an official in our Section and on the national level for his ability to be positive and fair. He loved the game of tennis and shared it through coaching high school players, as a player and officiating. This award has traditionally gone to a newer Official who understands the importance of being a positive resource for players as an official.

Thank you all again for your support in the PNW Section,
Denise Alexander
-TOA President

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