New Officials Pathway

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Contact Shadow Assigning Coordinators:
NW Washington – Camilla George,
SW Washington – Becky Martin,                                                    SE WashingtonBarb Silvey,
Oregon – Denise Alexander,
Alaska– Mitchell Roth,


  1. Be a USTA member. To become a member: click here
  2. Create an account on OfficialsFirst, the USTA Officiating Database.
  3. Complete the Introduction to Officiating, Rules and Regulations modules, and Roving 1 and Roving 2 to complete the testing requirement for Provisional Certification. Click here to access these courses.
  4. Be in compliance with USTA Safe Play. To get started:
  • login will be the same login information as your USTA membership information

5.  Submit to the USTA  a physician’s or an optometrist’s statement attesting that the official has 20/20 visions, either corrected or uncorrected in each eye. The Vision Form can be downloaded on OfficialsFirst and then uploaded to your account once completed. Please note that the vision form must be dated within the past 12 months..

6. Contact your area Shadow Assignor ( Shadow Assignors in your area listed above) to set up two days of on-court training/shadowing. After the two days, you will show your knowledge of basic themes described in the training checklist (click here) by contacting the Tennis Officials Association’s Sectional Chairperson Denise Alexander: to schedule your interview.

To support an individual’s learning process, the two days of on-court training/shadowing can now be completed before or after attending a Roving Umpire Workshop.  This change will go into effect Monday, January 28, 2019.  Additional information available for your Training and Approval process.

  • Training Checklist Rubric-

!! Pay PNWTOA Annual Membership dues, amount of $30. There are two ways to pay your dues now. By mail or by Pay Pal. If you choose to use PayPal there is an additional charge of $1.20.

Pay by PayPal or Download the membership form (PDF).

Please include payment with your membership application and mail to:

Pacific Northwest Tennis Officials Association
c/o Barbara Anderson
706 122nd St. Ct. NW
Gig Harbor, WA. 98332

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Items To Bring to Your Training Assignments:

  • Stop Watch
  • Large coin for tossing
  • Small tape measure
  • Training Check list

Uniform for Shadowing: The candidate should wear-

  • A dark blue/black polo like shirt/ dark blue/black jacket or outerwear
  • Khaki Pants/Bermuda length shorts
  • No cargo pants/shorts or Capri length pants
  • Tennis shoes. Any color except neon colors/white socks
  • Tan/brown belt
  • Hat, RED only
  • N0 logos on clothing or hat except for official USTA logo                                            

Your Shadow Assignor will alert you when solicits for training opportunities are available. You will then be able to coordinate with your Shadow Assignor dates and shifts you are available to shadow. Your Shadow assignor will contact the official working that shift letting them know you are shadowing with them.                                                                                     USTA Friend at Court 2021

Once you have completed the Foundation 2 certification process and have joined the Tennis Officials Association, your contact information will be given to the Area Assignor in your state to be put on their eligible list to be assigned to work.
OREGON AREA ASSIGNOR – Holly Weyhrauch,                              Alaska Area Assignor– Mitch Roth

Become a Tennis Official in the Pacific Northwest  Share this link with a friend!

Re-certifying Officials Returning After Extensive Sabbatical

Officials who are re-certifying after taking a sabbatical should contact their area Shadow Assignor for present education and clearance re-certification procedures. Followed by a proficiency evaluation and a determined training schedule if necessary.