Keli Smither Selected as Portland Area Assignor

Email post from Denise Alexander –

January 18, 2016

Dear Tournament Directors and Officials,

The tennis officials of the Pacific Northwest Section have formed an association called the Pacific Northwest Tennis Officials Association. One of the 2016 goals for the PNWTOA is employment and equality of assignments in our section.

Our first step was selecting  Keli Smither,, as the Northern Oregon area assignor. Keli is knowledgeable of the requirements of this position and has a relationship with many of the area officials over the past 4 years.

She is also aware of the sensitive issues that the Portland area officials have dealt with in the past two years. We are confident that with the support from the PNWTOA and an assignors committee she will be able to fulfill the needs that have been missing in the Portland area for assigning officials.

Her contact information for assigning is as follows:

The PNWTOA highly recommends using your area assignor for hiring certified officials for your tournaments. All officials that are assigned through the area assignor will have current 2016 USTA Roving, USTA Chair, Referee and ITA certification that will comply with the needs for your tournament and will be a member of the PNWTOA. With these credentials you will be assured qualified and knowledgeable officials. In the event there is a problem or grievance with an official you can contact the area assignor and the PNWTOA which is also our section’s grievance committee.

Thank you in advance for your support in strengthening our section’s desire to promote fairness and equality for employment of tennis officials.

Denise Alexander
President, PNWTOA
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