Award Nominations, Election Results, Sam Sambrano

From: PNW Tennis Officials <>

Date: Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 2:53 PM
Subject: TOA Update: Award Nominations, Election Results, Sam Sambrano
To: PNW Tennis Officials <>

PNWTOA Members,

Hope you are all enjoying a great start to the summer. Here are some updates for you all as we head into a busy time of year:

Award Nominations: This year, we are asking the entire membership to nominate deserving fellow officials for all the awards with which we’re involved:
Perry Hines Official of the Year – Perry Hines was a beloved PNW Official who was a friend, a mentor, and an icon to tennis officials throughout the USA. His namesake award is the PNWTOA’s annual recognition of a member who has demonstrated general excellence in officiating.
Mike Robb Rookie of the Year – This is the PNWTOA’s annual award to recognize a newly certified official for outstanding performance in the first stage of an officiating career.
Nicholas E. Powell Award – Presented annually by the USTA at the National level, the Nicholas E. Powell Award recognizes an outstanding USTA official certified no higher than the USTA level whose career body of work has been primarily at the community level. The winner is selected from among a group of Sectional nominees.

Please submit your nominations for any of the three above awards by replying to this email. THE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS MONDAY, JULY 11TH. For the Perry Hines or Mike Robb awards, please consider nominees from the 2020-2021 work period, as last year the PNWTOA did not give awards based on 2020 performance due to COVID. Based on your nominations, The PNWTOA Board will select candidates for the Perry Hines and Mike Robb awards at our next meeting on July 13th, and the membership will vote for the winners over the following month. Also at the July 13th meeting, based on your nominations, the Board will select the 2022 PNW nominee for the Nicholas E. Powell Award.

Election Results: Our annual election closed on 5/2/22 – three open Director seats were filled by incumbent candidates and an amendment to our bylaws was passed unanimously. Please view the complete returns below, and thank you to all who voted!

Sam Sambrano: Finally and most importantly, our longtime dear colleague and friend Sam Sambrano was recently in a serious auto accident and is facing a long recovery. If you are able, please join the PNWTOA in sending messages of love and support to:

Richard Sammy Sambrano
630 S. Pearl
Tacoma, WA 98465

Take good care of yourselves and enjoy your time on court. As always, feel free to reach out to the Board with ideas, questions, or concerns at

Thank you,
Scott Pennington, President


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