Top 10 Reasons Rich Kaufman Will Remember Me From National Chair Academy, Hilton Head S.C.

10. All my matches went 3 sets; the longest one was a minute under 3 hours.                        Rich Kaufman 2013 HH Academy

9. My 1st pro match ever was the match he watched upon his arrival—he joined us Saturday due to weather delays in NY. Did I mention it was my first pro chair?

8. My 1st pro match was on Court 8, the most spectator friendly court. Let’s just call it what it was, Centre Court at Hilton Head, Wimbledon so my anxiety could be justified.

7. When I was introduced to Rich, my enthusiastic greeting got us both shushed.

6. In my 2nd pro match, I wasn’t able to make it to court before the players and they had to wait while Rich helped me adjust the net that was 2 inches too high. That’s right, it was taking so long that Rich Kaufman had to come on my court to help me adjust the net strap. Sigh.

5. Also in my 2nd pro match, Rich was standing by when I was blocked on a ball late in the final set–a cringe-worthy moment I wish I could say I handled correctly. See #2.

4. Although “walkie protocol” was an extremely important concept to me that I pursued diligently, I never rose above the level of “comprehensible, but amusing.”

3. I knew who Roland Garros was!

2. I provided a lot of Rich’s material for the Day’s End meetings and future classes to come. You’re welcome, Rich.

Number 1. He told me if I could get the group off of the dinner porch and over for a photo, I could have the voice needed for a US Open line umpire. Yes! US Open 2014! Rich?

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