What Are Those “Lunch and Learns?”

lunch and learn

The date is set for the May “Lunch and Learn”, previously referred to as an “Official Gathering“,to be held at West Hills Racquet Club, May 22. This session’s host is Yaeko Jacques, a rookie official who felt that the first session was so fun and informative so she wanted to step up and do her part to make sure we had another one.

Already into my 3rd year of officiating, I definitely don’t feel like I have become the best I can be. While I have experienced enough to effectively do my job, there is a wealth of information in the heads of others and a Lunch and Learn is a prudent place to ask questions and get answers. Yaeko and I expect roughly 15 officials of varying skill and experience to show up with their lunches and in my case, a few questions. Can you make it?




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