February Gathering

Today, I loved my job. I say loved because I usually just like my job and save love for more important things like my family and chocolate cake. But today was great. I hosted a group of tennis Officials at my house in the first of many, I hope, meetings and social opportunities for us Officials to share our experiences and knowledge with each other.

PNW Tennis Officials

FR: Holly Weyhrauch, Bo Yu, Roberta Kanter, Yaeko Jacques BR: Corinne Mitchell, Russ DeMoss, Debbie Johnson, Mark Benecke, Jeff Carey, Darryl Kealy, Dennis Kviz

I was impressed with the generous nature of the veteran Officials who came to the meeting. I’m sure their patience was tested with us rookies, but Mark Benecke’s comment, “When we’re green, we’re growing.” was well-timed and got a big laugh.

I also learned that there are plans underway for Line Schools and more Chair Schools for our Section. I will post more information as it becomes available. Now …how does April look for the next Official Gathering?

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2 Responses to February Gathering

  1. Bo Yu says:

    You summed it up nicely! Thanks for facilitating a laid back, social way to discuss issues and learn. Also, April seems like a nice time to gather.

  2. netdropin86 says:

    I heartily concur with Bo. Corinne, thanks for hosting at your comfy home and adding a lovely snack buffet to go with our sack lunches!

    It was great meeting some of our new officials, since they were in the other class in February.

    I agree that April would be a nice time, especially if we could manage an outdoor picnic.

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