Launch and Learn

PNW's newest officialsI gave a short presentation about our new website and blog to both USTA certification classes this weekend — you may’ve seen me. This happy group of our Rookie officials and new recruits paid close attention to JaneUSTA Sunday rookie school instructors. Goodman and Steve Halberg — here they are enthusiastically knowing the right answer. Or voting for a break?

PNW's veteran officialsThe next day, I attended the veteran class and tried to count myself as one of them. The collective experience of this group was very intimidating for a rookie like me. As you can tell, they are not easily rattled — taking my short presentation about the new website and blog in stride. Believe me though, they are very excited. Really. No, really!

Anyway, we will test them with our questions and concerns right here in this blog, I’m sure. But first, how was your school experience this year? Any thoughts?

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1 Response to Launch and Learn

  1. medfordtennis says:

    The school was well ran and informative, I always learn new things whenever I interact with a group of officials. Jane did a nice job, as always.

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