Sectional School

I didn’t intend to take the month of December off from my blogging duties, it just happened. I didn’t work much either, but the craziness of December shopping, parties, and holidays (and two family birthdays) always leave me feeling like I need a vacation but instead it’s back to work — and school.

If you are planning to attend Sectional school next weekend you are plowing through the tests just like me; I took the USTA test in late December, the ITA test is next on my list. I’m not going to take the Referee test or class yet, I still have a lot to learn and master before taking that on. I’ve heard that there will be a Chair School offered sometime in January, but haven’t heard anything more about it.

USTA Sectional School will be held here in Beaverton, Oregon on January 14th and 15th, however, the Veteran class will be Sunday and the Rookie class will be Saturday. I will be taking the Veteran class for the 1st time, although I may drop in on the Rookie class on Saturday to say hello and invite them to our blog because the more, the merrier. Merry Officiating!

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  1. Chair school sounds fun!

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