Have you updated your profile on OfficialsFirst?

Dear USTA Official,

We hope you have logged into your account on OfficialsFirst and have had a look around! Have you had a chance to update your profile yet? When we created your OfficialsFirst account, we transferred your basic information from NUCULA, but there’s more to an OfficialsFirst profile. Go to the My Account page of OfficialsFirst to easily add a profile picture, set your communication preferences, and complete your personal information.

Have a question about OfficialsFirst? Click on the “Help Me Out” icon at the bottom right corner on the screen to launch the help window. Topics include:

  • Tours of each site page
  • How to add a work record
  • How to edit a work record
  • How to update your email preferences

If you have not received your OfficialsFirst log-in information or are having trouble logging in, please email officiating.


The USTA Officiating Team

USTA Officials
10000 USTA Blvd
Orlando, FL 32827


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