USTA On-Line Courses for 2018 Certification

From: Denise Alexander <alexander9688>
Date: Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 11:26 PM

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who haven’t started your on-line recertification courses for 2018 I was asked to double check and report to the membership that:

All courses that you completed in 2016 will not need to be retaken again this year. All courses that show only a percentage complete need to be 100% completed for your 2018 certification according to your “LEARNING PLAN”.

Click on “YOUR PROFILE” then click on “MY LEARNING PLAN”
There you will find the Learning Courses you can complete based on your desired Learning Plan.

Example: Your Learning Plan is to re-certify as a Roving Official for 2018-
Intro to Officiating: (should show) 100% Complete You are not required to retake this course, it’s done.
Roving 1: Screen will show only a percentage of the courses completed. You will need to click on this course Roving Umpire (blue title) and launch the Roving 2 course required.
Required completion for 2018 re-certification for Roving Official certification
Referee 1: Same scenario. Also required completion for 2018 Roving Official recertification.

USTA Chair and Lines courses are new this year. If you are interested in Chair/or Line Officiating or need to re-certify for your 2018 Chair/or Line certification you will need to complete these courses.

For more information, see the Training page and the USTA Learning Center.

Let’s get started,

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