Tony Anegon, Our Outstanding Official of the Year!

2011 Outstanding Official of the Year, Tony Anegon

Tony and his wife, MaryKay, have two children, Edward, and Angela. They are a tennis family, with their kids following in Tony’s footsteps as junior players that went on to play in college. Besides being a full-time attorney, Tony also finds time to playgolf, tennis, and indulge his love of jazz music that stretches back to his early college days as a jazz DJ for college radio.

Tony added officiating to his busy schedule in 2003 when there became an increased demand for ITA Officials in his area. He remembers his first match was a D-1 match at Washington State. “Was I nervous? –no, not really. The key is to behave in a confident manner while re-reading the rules often over the season.” Tony says his favorite match was, “A high school State Championship that I had the privilege to chair. The big, energetic crowd and the high level of tennis combined to make the atmosphere electric; I was happy to be a part of it.”

I asked Tony to share the worst call or mistake he has made and he said it was when he had to work a collegiate match while feeling under the weather; he felt he didn’t do a good job that day. “I missed calls. I struggled to find my focus. I made many players mad.” He still thinks about that day and feels like he let the players down. When I asked him what he learned from that struggle he said, “You can’t allow your focus to slip, even if you aren’t feeling well. Maybe by accepting the situation, knowing that you aren’t feeling your best, your focus will

Tony feels humbled being named Official of the Year since the nomination came from his peers and feels it is, “the ultimate compliment.” As he moves forward in his officiating career his goal is to continue to improve. “I don’t necessarily aspire to call lines at the US Open. I aspire to improve. I work 90% collegiate tennis and I would eventually like to work other types of events – maybe a National Championship or something along those lines. I just want to keep improving.”

On behalf of the PNW, congratulations to you on your Official of the Year award!

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