High Altitude, High Temperatures… High Hopes

I was selected to go to Sun River to work the Adult and Senior Mixed doubles Sectionals! This is for work; I’ll be working…I had to remind myself as I packed the swimsuit and tennis bag just in case.

from left: Darryl Kealy, Corinne Mitchell, Denise Alexander, and Tournament Referee John Flynn

Living with three officials (and two officials’ wives) for five days was a fun and educational experience. We worked long days and discussed the day’s events in the evening.  The “debriefing”, as I came to call it, began to remind me of an art class I took in college. “Corinne! Hold up your drawing for the class to criticize –er, critique.” It was humbling to sit in this group in general but I really felt the heat when my answers to some situations revealed how green I really was; my giant balloon of confidence at having been selected for this gig went pffffftttt.

So my balloon took a hit, it was for the greater good. I was still very excited to be a part of this event as were my housemates. We supported each other and worked this event as a team by sharing information, advice, and humor; like when Darryl asked a player to call heads or tails and the player nervously called, “up!” Don’t forget to share the funny stuff–do you have a story to share?

Happy officiating!

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  1. wdkealy says:

    Yes, I did find my way here to the comments section. Sunriver was fun, as well as long hours. The players were great and very supportive to each other, which made our officials ‘job’ much easier. The feet and back took a hit though!!!

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