PNW Section Championships

Section championships began in June; here is a link for the PNW schedule. USTA Pacific Northwest Section Championships Schedule | USTA

My team didn’t even make it to playoffs this year, so I’m really looking forward to officiating during Sectionals and just being involved. I prefer my assignment to follow one level from the 1st round through to the final; although I’m sure that is not always possible. The benefits and drawbacks to that idea for both players and officials could be equally debatable. What do you think?

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1 Response to PNW Section Championships

  1. 820dougb says:

    It doesn’t matter to me how my assignments work at the adult sectionals. Although I can see some value for the players if the same official works their matches; I can also see some potential for problems if a team somehow loses confidence in an official who they would then be “stuck with” for all their matches.

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